What Are The Standard Mattress Sizes?

What Are The Standard Mattress Sizes?

King bed, queen bed, double bed, or twin bed – what’s actually the size difference? The mattress size table below provides the exact dimensions of different mattress sizes in Canada so you can find the right bed size for you.

All beds meet the International Sleep Product Association’s size standards, which explains why mattress sizes are the same no matter where you live – give or take half an inch.

Common Bed Sizes in Canada
Mattress Size Width x Height (in.) Width x Height (cm)
 King  Matress
(Standard in Canada/US)
76 × 79.5 in. 193 × 202 cm
Queen Mattress 60 × 79.5 in. 152.5 × 202 cm
Double or Full
Extra Long Mattress
54 × 79.5 in. 137 × 202 cm
Double or Full Mattress 53 × 74.5 in. 134.6 × 189.2 cm
Twin or Single
Extra Long Mattress
38 × 79.5 in. 96.5 × 202 cm
Twin or Single Mattress 38 × 74.5 in. 96.5 × 189.2 cm

Adjustable Bed Sizes in Canada

With an adjustable bed base, two twin XL mattresses can be used side by side to make a king size. Using two twin XL mattresses and two twin XL adjustable bases allows each sleeper to adjust their base individually.

A king size mattress will require that both twin XL bases be paired to operate in tandem. A more affordable option for a king-size mattress where individual sleepers do not operate each side separately is a divided king base which splits horizontally.

Serta’s leading-edge memory foam options are well suited for adjustable bases. Interested in an adjustable base? Check out our Motion Base option.

What size of bed should you choose?

The size of bed that’s right for you depends on a few things:

How much space do you have?

A king size bed is great, especially for couples, but many homes simply don’t have the space for it. You want your bedroom to be functional, and that means leaving enough space to comfortably move around.

Remember to account for other furniture in the room. If you own or purchase a matching bedroom set, the dresser, armoire and side tables can take up a significant amount of space, making a small room feel overly crowded.

If your room is on the smaller side but you still want a king bed, consider a bedframe that has under bed storage to replace dressers.

Do you sleep with a partner?

If you sleep with a partner, a king-size bed is a great option. It gives each sleeper just enough room to move around without disturbing the other.

Queen size is the most common size for couples – as a narrower option, they’re better for smaller rooms. They’re also better for snuggling.

Are you taller?

If you’re a taller person, you’ll benefit from a longer mattress. Mattresses in XL sizes are longer than their standard counterparts. Even Twin XL and Double XL are as long as King and Queen. This gives taller people a little more room to spread out for a more comfortable sleep.

Does your family co-sleep?

If your family co-sleeps, you’ll want a larger mattress. King-size beds give more room for everyone to sleep comfortably. You’ll also want to ask about motion isolation technology. Serta’s memory foam and innerspring hybrid options are great for this.

Is it for a growing child?

Many people default to a twin-size bed for children. Considering that the average lifespan of a mattress is 5-10 years, consider whether or not your child will outgrow a twin-size during this period.

If your child will sleep on their mattress into their teenage years, a double/full mattress may be a better option.